Modernia: Darkening Days

An Ark in the Hand
Is Worth 2 in the Myth

After fighting their way into the Ark room, the party finds several wonderous objects within the Ark itself. First, the party finds 2 ingots made out of a white, lustrous metal and a dark, smooth metal; second, the party finds two large stone tablets that seem to be the original 10 Commandments as delivered by Moses on Mount Sinai; third, party finds a small folded sheet of paper in the shape of a boats, much like origami; forth, the party discovers runes at bottom of the Ark. The largest rune stands for “Sun” while the other rooms stand for “Wealth”, “Aesir”, “Man”, and “Heritage.” After experimenting with the Ark and its blue fluid (Arkonium), the party has found that it is about midnight and they went upstairs with the Ark. Holy rejuvenating life emanates from the Ark, giving the party effects of a long rest, despite having not had any rest. As the party carefully brings the Ark out of the dungeon of the original church in Axum, and realizes that there are people waiting to ambush them outside.

Karzelek cast invisibility on the Ark in order to protect it, while Perry moved to the back of the church and out through a door. As she sneaks out, she notices that it is Warmages which surrounded the church informs the rest of the party. After informing the party, Perry quickly assassinates member of the Warmages outside of the door and sneaks into the hedges, continuing on destroy over two thirds of the Warmage forces by way of covert operations. The rest of the party prepares for a frontal assault against Mikael Selini, and they leave the Ark behind the replica ark in the lobby. During the fight, many of the party members became frozen and refrozen, including Elias being frozen for the majority of the fight.

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Throughout the fight Selini bashes off one of Kay’s arms. Beside this, party members seem to be handling the situation with the use some more reinforcements for the war mages are on the way. Dominic convinces Mr. cars lack to use teleportation scroll whisk the party safety, or relative safety, the ladies headquarters. Before they leave, Mr. cars lack old brass lamps stole from the dungeon summon a genie is very similar in personality to the Robin Williams, cheating and she first asks for the party to be immune to cold. The party is warped to a darker room and as the lights suddenly come on a tall thin figure struts since the room held his first wearing a black suits, white shirt, black bowtie, a black cane with a gold top, light reddish orange hair and a matching bit of goat see. Figure says in a southern accent, “I’m glad you all arrived safely, and Mr. cars lack let me help you remember what you are doing.” This figure, that Gentlemen, then taps cars lack on the head with his cane cars lack goes through moment of sliding member is. The gentleman then turns to the party as a whole that the accommodations on their last luxuries are on the right that if they need to be waiting for them in the morning, brunch will be served at 11:30 AM sharp.

Prague, Lalibela, and Beyond
Looking for clues and finding a dungeon

After emerging from the basement, the party spends some quality time with Rabbi Sitz. He gives them a unique shopping list and offers a lot of hot coco, but proves to be more annoying than just about anything else on Earth. After a bit of putzing about the city Kay, Blowfish, Karzelek, and Dominik are called back to the Old-New Synagogue by a somewhat grumpy Rabbi. A loud knocking has been coming from the basement, which woke Rabbi Sitz from his afternoon nap, and he summoned the party to silence it. Investigation reveals the Golem of Prague itself, awakened after centuries of rest, and it begins to wreck the party. First, the Golem smashes Kay to bits, and tries (unsucessfully) to piece him back together. I mean a -24 life total kind of dead. Next, the Golem begins to smash Bishop Musil, destroying his armor and rendering him in the negative HP. Something about the Bishop must have set him off… Next, Karzelek realizes that he can shut the Golem off by removing a letter from his forehead. With this information, Karzelek fixes Kay and brings him back to life, and a Revival Bean is fed to Domink to save his life, but not his incredible armor.

The next day, Friday the 16th, as Ansio wakes from her magic-induced coma, the party goes to check out a tournament with a large prize. Blowfish and Kay enter the melee section, while Ansio and Dominik investigate the tourney’s host and sponsor: Kaan Polat. In the final round, Kay and Blowfish are able to fight off the terrifying Warmage Capt. Mikael Selini, and duke it out for the grand prize of 10 million Euros. Blowfish wins in the 1 on 1 combat, and is invited to join the Warmages by Kaan Polat, who also suggests that he can help Blowfish become a Hexer, tells Blowfish to meet him in Istanbul in 3 days, on Monday the 19th of June.

The now demoted Sgt. Major Selini is sent with the party to insure that they don’t skip town, but they attempt to do so anyway. Elias wakes up in the early afternoon, and is sent by the Rabbi to met the rest of the party in the Prague Intl. Airport, as they plan on flying to Ethiopia in their search for Noah’s Ark. The Golem, who now works for the Rabbi full-time, escorts Elias out and gives him a shopping list from Rabbi Sitz. Once at the airport, Elias meets Perry, a Paranormal Investigator, who convinces Elias to hire her. As they hammer out some of the details, the rest of the party arrive with Selini in tow, and they use some well timed distraction and trickery to get the tickets they want. At this point, Ansio leaves the party permanently to work in the Oslo HQ of the Brotherhood of the Hippocratic Oath and she says her goodbyes. Once at the gate, the party lead Selini into a restroom and proceed to engage him in combat. They leave him bleeding out on the floor, and proceed onto their flight, with Perry and Dominik running crowd control and redirection.

Once they arrive in Ethiopia, the party travels to the town of Lalibela in hopes of finding clues for the exact whereabouts of Noah’s Ark. They spend almost a day and a half investigating the monolithic churches and identifying clues that lead them toward the ancient town of Axum.
The clues include 1) “When you are lost follow the sun, for it is your savior”; 2) “The flood waters have not yet receeded, Dilmun is still lost”; 3) The clue stones were cut from an older church in Axum; 4) The oldest churches in Africa are found in Axum.
With this knowledge the party sets out for Axum by train, on the morning of Sunday June 18th.

Our Story So Far....
Through the first several sessions

The Setting:
Europe — Begun on Wednesday June 7th, 2062 C.E. — Currently Sunday June 18th, 2062 C.E.
Our Story So Far…
Having met in “Belldandy’s Gift,” an old style tavern in Oslo, Norway the party bonds over a brawl with a local group of Warmages. Ansio, Elias, Kay, and Captain Blowfish fought off (and killed) the Warmages and burned down the tavern. During their escape, the party meets the Bishop Dominik Musil, head cleric of the Oslo branch of the Brotherhood of the Hippocratic Oath. He dealt with the fire and took in the party to recover. As Capt. Blowfish talks about needing a ship, Elias suggests searching for Noah’s Ark and the party agrees. Dominik decides to come along for a change of pace and to see if the Ark can be found.
To investigate further, the party goes to Prague to find Dominik’s friend, Rabbi Yoluk Sitz. In order to get to Amsterdam, to catch a train to Prague, Capt. Blowfish “acquires” a yacht named Dolunay Kurumsol and takes the party to Amsterdam. On the train to Prague, the party meets Mr. Karzelek, a gnome who is part of the enigmatic Order of the All-Seeing Eye. As the train nears Prague, Mr. Karzelek helps the party defeat an unidentified group of mercenaries.
Now in Prague, Kay, Dominik, and Ansio find their way to the Old-New Synagogue, where the Rabbi is being held captive by mercenaries, but Ansio disappears. As Kay, Dominik, and the now arrived Capt. Blowfish fight their way into the basement of the Synagogue with the help of Mr. Karzelek, who mysteriously arrives. In the basement, Elias and Ansio are fighting alongside the mercenaries, seemingly under some kind of Compel Person spell. Kay is then dominated by Mr. Karzelek with the intention of capturing Dominik and protecting the party from the self-destruct sequence of the Synagogue. Blowfish makes a dash through the basement and reaches the mercenary leader (who is holding the Rabbi) just in time to save the Rabbi and convince him to cancel the self-destruct sequence.
From there, the conscience party members (Kay, Blowfish, Karzelek, and Dominik) are led into the catacombs beneath the basement by the Rabbi and taken into a room filled with ancient texts where the party learn that they need to go to Ethiopia to find Noah’s Ark.


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