Mr. Karzelek

Polish Gnome Mage, Champion for the Gentleman


Karzelek is a Polish Gnome, ancestry originating in the Wielicza Salt Mines in Poland.

He is 3’4", of roughly average build, with fair hair and grey-blue eyes (though as with most gnomes apparently, mostly obscured by large pupils).

He usually wears his Order of the All-Seeing-Eye robes and insignia, when on official business.


Karzelek believed himself to be working for The Lady, co-leader of the Order of the All-Seeing Eye, but in fact was in the employ of the Gentleman the whole time (who had taken his memories to assist his undercover operation).

He trained to be Champion under both leaders- and is currently Champion for the Gentleman.

While working for The Lady, Karzelek was tasked with capturing Bishop Dominik Musil – a task he nearly accomplished, but failed due to the conflictiang priority of ensuring the safety of the rest of the party- and as he grew to doubt the Lady’s methods of operation.

Karzelek is currently in possession of the Lamp containing Salamin the Djinn- a seemingly benign Robin-Williams-esque entity. He has already made two wishes- Wishing the party immune to cold, while fighting a band of ice War Mages underMikael Selini, as well as wishing that the Djinni cannot grant wishes unless said wishes are approved by Karzelek (limited to those gifted the lamp, unfortunately, and not thieves of the lamp)

Karzelek is intrigued by the creation of Golems, after meeting the The Golem (of Prague), and saving Kay by somehow utilizing the magic behind golem creation.

Mr. Karzelek

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